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"Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another."

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General Meetings

4th Wednesday of the month
Carson VFW Post 10166
20820 S. Vermont Ave.
Torrance 90502

Note: There are no meetings during the month of December.

Board Meetings

2nd Wednesday of the month
Lomita VFW Post 1622
1865 W Lomita Blvd.
Lomita 90717


Since 1995 the Vietnam Veterans of America South Bay Chapter 53 has been awarding scholarships to graduating seniors from local South Bay high schools. In addition to encouraging and supporting continued education, the Chapter is trying to heighten awareness of the Vietnam War, the men and women who served there, and the huge impact it has made on the United States, then and now.

Each scholarship applicant was required to interview a Vietnam Veteran and submit an essay based on the interview.

We are proud to announce the Vietnam Veterans of America South Bay Chapter 53 Scholarship Award recipients for 2019:


Join Vietnam Veterans of America!!!


You are eligible for membership if you served in the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty (other than for training purposes) in the Republic of Vietnam between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975, or in any duty location between August 5, 1964 and May 7, 1975.

Price of Membership

Effective October 20, 2018, there is only one class of VVA membership - LIFE! - for $50.00.

Just fill out the application () form - you can do it online (be sure to put '53' in the optional space for Chapter) - download and sign it, then mail it with a copy of your DD-214 to Vietnam Veterans of America, PO Box 64299 ∙ Baltimore ꞏ MD ꞏ 21264.


Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA) needs our support and is looking to increase their roles of 'dual members' (VVA members who are also non-voting members of AVVA). VVA members can become life members of AVVA for $50.

Their motto - Together always. - expresses their view and support of Vietnam Veterans.


A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans

My Vietnam veterans! I saw you there. You had been in my village scouting and fighting the enemy. I saw you standing tall heroically . . . (To read further and hear the voice of this grateful individual please click here.

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Service: All Services
Instituted: 1965
Criteria: Service in Vietnam and contiguous waters or airspace thereover, after 3 July 1965 through 28 March 1973, or service in Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia, or the airspace thereover, during the same period and serving in direct support of operations in Vietnam.
Devices: All Services: bronze, silver star; Army: bronze arrowhead; Navy: bronze Marine Corps device

Notes: Authorized by Executive Order 11231 on July 8, 1965 for US military personnel serving in the Vietnam Theater of Operations after July 3, 1965 through March 28, 1973. Personnel must have served in Vietnam on temporary duty for at least 30 consecutive/60 nonconsecutive days or have served in combat with a unit directly supporting a military operation in Southeast Asia. Military personnel serving in Laos, Cambodia, or Thailand in direct support of operations in Vietnam are also eligible for this award. The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal was awarded for earlier service in Vietnam from July 1, 1958 to July 3, 1965, inclusive; personnel receiving that award may be awarded the Vietnam Service Medal but are not authorized both awards for Vietnam service. The front of medal depicts an oriental dragon behind a grove of bamboo trees; below the base of the trees is the inscription: REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM SERVICE. The reverse of the medal depicts a crossbow with a torch through the center and contains the inscription: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA along the bottom edge. The colors of the suspension drape and ribbon suggest the flag of the Republic of Vietnam (the red stripes represent the three ancient Vietnamese empires of Tonkin, Annam, and Cochin China) and the green represents the Vietnamese jungle. Bronze and silver stars are authorized to signify participation in any of the 17 designated campaigns during the inclusive period.

Vietnam Advisory: 15 March 1962 - 7 March 1965
Vietnam Defense: 8 March 1965 - 24 December 1965
Vietnam Counteroffensive: 25 December 1965 - 30 June 1966
Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase II: 1 July 1966 - 31 May 1967
Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase III: 1 June 1967 - 29 Jan 1968
Tet Counteroffensive: 30 January 1968 - 1 April 1968
Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase IV: 2 April 1968 - 30 June 1968
Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase V: 1 July 1968 - 1 November 1968
Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase VI: 2 November 1968 - 22 February 1969
Tet '69 Counteroffensive: 23 February 1969 - 8 June 1969
Vietnam Summer-Fall: 9 June 1969 - 31 October 1969
Vietnam Winter-Spring: 1 November 1969 - 30 April 1970
Sanctuary Counteroffensive: 1 May 1970 - 30 June 1970
Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase VII: 1 July 1970 - 30 June 1971
Consolidation I: 1 July 1971 - 30 November 1971
Consolidation II: 1 December 1971 - 20 March 1972
Vietnam Cease-Fire: 30 March 1972 - 28 January 1973

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